Our Community

Community is the essence of Thimble. Every colourful chameleon was once just a few yards of cloth, and every notebook a stack of loose papers.

It is the ingenious minds of the women of Thalahena who gather around large tables in an open verandah; chatting, laughing and combining ideas, setting their hands and minds to work to make the colourful pieces you take back home.

They are supported by others; like the villagers who supply the raw materials or the woodworkers who carve them into their intricate shapes. Thimble incorporates people within and beyond Thalahena; you could say it takes a herd to make a single elephant.

Each time you buy one of our products, you are not only supporting these women but these entire communities.

Every item is a product of all the hands it has benefited, and the colours, design and embroidery reflect the personalities of each one- a sweet reminder to smile upon when you hang our embroidered stories on your wall or our tuk-tuk on your shelf.

Artist painting at Thimble

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